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Top Distributors 2016 - #14 Fusion Worldwide


About Us

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Boston’s Seaport District, Fusion Worldwide sources, stocks, and delivers electronic components and finished goods for a wide spectrum of customers. Having sales offices and warehouses in Boston, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Hong Kong allows Fusion Worldwide to source components from all markets and deliver them quickly and efficiently to wherever our customers are located. Empowered by our propriety database SCOUT, Fusion Worldwide traders are able to confront any supply chain issue with speed and conviction. SCOUT allows Fusion Worldwide to operate a whole network of global offices and warehouses as one.

Scale means having the resources to put together any size deal right now and do it again tomorrow. Scale means being able to quickly ramp up sourcing, inspection and test for 50,000 processors and ship them to numerous customer locations without a hitch. Fusion Worldwide has the financial wherewithal, manpower, equipment and expertise to tackle your problems at any time.

Fusion Worldwide supports all types of technology companies with a broad range of products, and we are capable of sourcing virtually any type of product. We can supply current, production goods as well as obsolete and end of life product and into after-market services.

Quality is what we do. It’s a given that makes its way into every step of our process. Our customers expect it and we deliver it.

Where You Can Find Us
Fusion Worldwide
One Marina Park Drive
Boston, MA 02210

Founded in 2001

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Additional Information
President/CEO: Peter LeSaffre
Company Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
2015 Sales: $340 million
Locations: 6
Employees: 118

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TAGS: Electronics