Blockchain technology concept
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Is Blockchain Inevitable?

Blockchain is a red-hot phenomenon and getting hotter by the day. From banking to supply chain, there are lots of companies and industry associations launching pilot projects while tech giants invest as fast as they can in distributed ledger technology. There are over 1,300 blockchain development projects in San Francisco alone. Even the 2018 US defense budget includes provisions for funding blockchain research. Is it the next big thing or just another overhyped fad that will fade from year by 2019? This article explores some of the most promising use cases and current projects—including in the electronics sector—to provide an assessment of the future of blockchain.

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What You Will Learn

  • How blockchain works and why it’s getting so much attention
  • The diversity of potential use cases and which ones are moving the fastest
  • The arguments for adopting blockchain and the challenges of rolling it out
  • Where the action is in logistics, supply chain, and the electronics sector

Meet the Author

Bruce Rayner is Content Director of SourceToday. For the past 30 years, he has been a keen observer of global business and technology trends with a focus on the electronics supply base and supply chain management. His experience includes staff editor at Harvard Business Review, Editorial Director of Electronics Business magazine and EBN, Director of Thought Leadership at IHS, and Vice President of Consulting and Market Research at Technology Forecasters.

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