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Beyond Counterfeiting: Cyber Security Strategies for Today’s Digital Supply Chains

Connected technologies, from smart labels to wireless sensor networks, are increasingly being used to help speed efficiencies along the supply chain. But as the digitalization of supply chains grows, and more third-party suppliers are granted access to company networks, so too grow the cyber security risks. Which technologies do supply chain managers expect to be introduced in the next several years—and what risks do they present? How can companies protect themselves from the growing threat of cyberattack against their supply chains?

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What you will learn -

  • How hackers are targeting today's supply chains
  • Shortcomings in companies' third-party risk management programs
  • Which emerging technologies are likely to shape supply chain management in the future
  • Best practices in supply chain cyber risk management
  • What a state-of-the-art supply chain cyber security program looks like

Meet the Author

John Simpson has worked as a writer, editor, and reporter for three decades, serving stints at National Geographic and the American Institute of Architects along the way. Much of his work has focused on the impact of technology on the energy, manufacturing, and financial services industries. More recently, he covered developments in the electronics and related markets for the thought leadership journal IHS Quarterly and

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