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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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AI and the Future of Procurement

Artificial intelligence and all the technologies it encompasses is starting to make its presence felt within procurement organizations at innovative, digital-savvy companies. While still in the early days, it’s clear that the technology is a gamechanger, with the potential to dramatically improve forecast accuracy, offload routine supply management tasks, and reduce cost. If you’re not investing—or at least investigating—how to apply AI in your organization, it’s high time you get on board because the AI train has left the station.

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What You Will Learn

  • The family of technologies that comprise AI and the “raw materials” required to make it work
  • Who is currently investing in AI, in what sectors and what they are investing in
  • The correlation between digital transformation and AI and the implications for not investing
  • How AI is affecting the skill sets procurement organizations need today if they expect to remain competitive in the future

Meet the Author

Bruce Rayner is Content Director of SourceToday. For the past 30 years, he has been a keen observer of global business and technology trends with a focus on the electronics supply base and supply chain management. His experience includes staff editor at Harvard Business Review, Editorial Director of Electronics Business magazine and EBN, Director of Thought Leadership at IHS, and Vice President of Consulting and Market Research at Technology Forecasters.

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