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3D printer during work
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3D Printing in the Electronics Supply Chain

While 3D printers have been in commercial use for three decades, their high price and slow building speeds to date have restricted their utility in most manufacturing operations. As faster 3D printers are introduced, and new materials developed that expand their usefulness on the factory floor, additive manufacturing is poised to take a more central role in production operations. What advantages does 3D printing hold over reductive manufacturing? How can electronics OEMs assess the potential for using 3D printing to help them streamline their supply chain operations?

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What You Will Learn

  • What supply chain managers view as the primary value of 3D printing
  • Why additively manufactured PCBs are now becoming a reality
  • How 3D printing can reduce costs and time to market while boosting product customization
  • Why electronics OEMs need to plan now to integrate 3D printing into their operations

Meet the Author

John Simpson has worked as a writer, editor, and reporter for three decades, serving stints at National Geographic and the American Institute of Architects along the way. Much of his work has focused on the impact of technology on the energy, manufacturing, and financial services industries. More recently, he covered developments in the electronics and related markets for the thought leadership journal IHS Quarterly and

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