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InvenSense Rolls Out Electronic Image Stabilization Solution Thinkstock

InvenSense Rolls Out Electronic Image Stabilization Solution

MEMS sensor manufacturer InvenSense Inc. will provide an electronic image stabilization (EIS) solution for smartphone provider OPPO, which recently released its R9S and R9S Plus devices.

InvenSense EIS technology provides a “stable, jitter-free video experience, with significant reduction of the video file size,” according to the company. The adoption of EIS in smartphones presents real-time implementation challenges with the need to precisely link hand jitter, the cause of “shaky videos,” with the video stream from image sensors.

InvenSense says its proprietary method of synchronizing motion data with the image pipeline not only eliminates this issue, but also makes it easy for OEMs and ODMs to port the solution to various smartphone models with different image sensors and/or application processors. Additionally, InvenSense’s solution helps minimize power consumption for mobile device batteries, which are prone to overtaxing by video capture.

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