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Honeywell and Air Methods Join Forces on Helicopter Tracking Project

Honeywell is providing Air Methods, an air medical provider and helicopter operator, with Honeywell's Sky Connect Tracker III satellite communications and helicopter tracking system for its fleet of helicopters. The deal gives Air Methods helicopter operators and fleet managers a full suite of products in one box to keep their fleet coordinated, in communication, and safe, according to Honeywell.

Under the agreement, Honeywell will upgrade Air Methods' existing Sky Connect Tracker II system to the Sky Connect Tracker III system, providing new units as required and supporting Air Methods with monthly services. The new system will enable phone and text services while in the sky through the Iridium satellite network, giving pilots the ability to stay in touch in remote places with no available cell reception.

In addition, the new system will enable fleet managers to track the location of their helicopters anywhere in the world while providing functionality for flight data monitoring. Honeywell's solution will allow Air Methods to stay in touch with pilots through voice and text, and gain access to flight-data-monitoring information, which is a requirement of the Federal Aviation Administration for all emergency medical service operators.

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