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Technology, education help improve global shipping practices

New study shows that companies are implementing technology solutions, adding staff and improving training programs to improve their global shipping performance and reduce costs

Nearly 75% of companies are implementing new technology solutions and training their staff to improve their global shipping performance and reduce costs, according to a new study from Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium.

Tompkins surveyed 80 companies from manufacturing, retail, distribution and logistics to learn more about global trade management practices throughout the supply chain. Roughly 50% of respondents were manufacturers, 40% retailers and distributors, and 10% logistics providers.

The results show that most companies are doing a good job measuring operations performance internally and with outside partners, with more than 80% reporting that they use key performance indicators to drive continuous supply chain improvement.

Tompkins also said about 12% of respondents reported adding staff to address shipping performance and cost issues.

“It may not seem like a large number, but when compared to overall national hiring numbers, it is fairly significant,” said Tompkins’ executive director Bruce Tompkins.

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