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Curbing Overbuilding in the Global Electronics Supply Chain

Curbing Overbuilding in the Global Electronics Supply Chain

Microsemi's Secure Production Programming Solution (SPPS) takes aim at a problem plaguing the industry.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, intellectual property (IP) threats, including overbuilding, cost domestic companies an estimated $250 billion per year or more in lost revenues. Once contract manufacturers have the bill of materials (BOM), programming files, and test programs, there is nothing to stop them from building more units than authorized.

Building upon existing internal manufacturing infrastructure—which uses Thales e-Security FIPS140-2 level 3-certified hardware security modules (HSMs) for provisioning factory keys and certificates during wafer sort and package testing—Microsemi's Secure Production Programming Solution (SPPS) is taking aim at overbuilding in the global electronics supply chain. The solution helps customers securely program their unique key material and designs into the FPGAs in untrusted locations worldwide.

The secure process incorporates workflow software that generates a job file that only the target manufacturing HSM can read and also generates encrypted files for the reconfiguration of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) that were previously "keyed" by the user, such as those in fielded systems.

Read more about Microsemi’s SPPS here.

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