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Managing Obsolescence Relative to Advances in Component Technologies

This webinar will explore the specific trends in obsolescence driven by component manufacturer’s desire to service growth markets. You’ll take away a clear understanding of industry trends and how they may impact your sourcing strategy.


Title: Managing Obsolescence Relative to Advances in Component Technologies
Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour


New and existing growth markets relative to IoT products, automotive electronics, mobile phones, computers and servers are forecast to climb to over $220 Billion in integrated circuit sales by 2020. As a result, semiconductor manufacturers are introducing more advanced SoC or System on Chip devices with embedded systems that feature external connectivity and sensing. These new devices, increasingly designed with lower power consumption, higher reliability in evermore miniature packages, allow cloud based software updates to be sent directly to devices in operation to adjust to changes in communication protocols or system configurations.

All these developments are effecting existing semiconductor devices in the market and creating obsolescence challenges in the near term.

An example of this is the manufacturing trend to produce FPGAs that operate at lower supply voltages. 1.8V, 1.2V and lower voltage devices are increasing introduced for FPGAs in the last few years and will undoubtedly phase out most 5V devices by 2020 and 3.3V devices thereafter.

Join us to gain a clear understanding of these changes so you can plan a seamless sourcing strategy.


Greg Wood
Director, Parts Content
IHS Markit Techology, Media and Telecom

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