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Purchasing/Procurement Professional Workforce Dynamics


SourceToday recently completed its 2018 survey studying salary and career trends. This survey gathered inputs from a wide range of professionals in purchasing and procurement positions. The rich data sets created in this survey enable in-depth analysis of multiple aspects of professional salaries and careers in this area. This report covers the workforce dynamics of purchasing/procurement professionals and is the fifth in a series of five reports covering key dimensions related to salary and career trends. Other reports in this series have covered the following topics:

  • Outsourcing’s impact on purchasing professionals
  • Automation’s impact on purchasing professionals
  • Purchasing professional demographics
  • Compensation trends

Data in this report is presented and analyzed from multiple perspectives.

Source: SourceToday 2018 Salary and Career Trends Survey

Source: SourceToday 2018 Salary and Career Trends Survey


  • Economic Outlook Brightens – Government Policies Primary Reason for Credit or Blame
  • IoT Technology a Major Force in Shaping Procurement Activity and Productivity
  • Mobile Devices and Social Media Become Central to Work of Procurement Professionals
  • Procurement Professionals Pursue a Wide Range of Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Telecommuting Support Employers Tops 50%
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