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Quartzdyne Introduces New 1/2-in. Quartz Pressure Transducer

Quartzdyne Introduces New 1/2-in. Quartz Pressure Transducer

Quartzdyne Inc., a provider of pressure transducers to the oil and gas industry, recently announced the launch of its new ½-in. Precision Transducer. Similar to larger Quartzdyne products, the smaller transducer is accurate to less than 0.02% full scale and drifts less than 0.02% full-scale per annum at maximum conditions of 30,000 psi / 200°C, the company stated in a press release.

The new product is available in frequency or digital I²C output. All wetted materials are rated for downhole corrosive service. Made from crystalline quartz, the new sensor equilibrates “50% faster and reports 90% smaller dynamic errors than prior quartz-transducer versions,” according to the company. The crystal oscillates by an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), a silicon chip that operates for 10 years at 205°C, and is functional beyond 250°C.


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