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Millar Gets Exclusive Rights to MEMS Sensor Technology

Millar Gets Exclusive Rights to MEMS Sensor Technology

Millar Inc., a medical device and OEM solutions company, and Endotronix Inc., a digital health medtech company have announced an agreement that grants the former exclusive rights to Endotronix wireless MEMS sensor technology for sales and development in the neurosurgical care market.

The technology will be developed for at-home monitoring of intracranial pressure (ICP) for patients suffering from hydrocephalus to improve quality of life and reduce treatment costs, according to Millar.

A manufacturer of high-fidelity pressure sensors for the medical device, cardiovascular, and basic science markets, Millar’s MEMS pressure sensors have been recognized as the “gold standard for pressure measurement,” the company states.  They are utilized in cardiac cath labs, pharmaceutical discovery, and research laboratories around the world.


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