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Miniaturized Biosensor Developer Receives Funding

Miniaturized Biosensor Developer Receives Funding

The Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research announced that Aviana Molecular Technologies, LLC, an Orlando-based point of care (POC) diagnostics company, received follow-on second round financing after reaching development milestones since its initial funding.

According to the Florida Institute, Aviana is developing miniaturized biosensors capable of attaching to a smartphone/smart device through Bluetooth or other wireless connections. Aviana’s diagnostic system is a user-friendly, potentially highly sensitive diagnostic platform that can accurately, within 10-20 minutes, detect a target infectious disease, biomarkers, or proteins in both clinical (human and animal) and scientific research settings.

“Our mission is to provide highly sensitive and specific diagnostic capability to anyone with a smart device: physician, medical technologist, patient, or public health worker while connecting seamlessly (with adequate protections) to the internet,” said Vanaja V. Ragavan, M.D., Aviana’s president and CEO, in the press release.


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