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Polaris Alpha Acquires Intelesys, Wins $48 Million NRL Contract

Polaris Alpha, a provider of technology, software, and solutions to the defense and intelligence communities, has acquired Intelesys Corp., a company that provides computer network operations and cyber solutions to the intelligence community. The acquisition officially closed Jan. 18, 2017, the company reported.

In related news, Polaris Alpha–EOIR Technologies was awarded a $48 million IDIQ contract to provide research, development, and technical services to the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Electronics Science and Technology Division (ESTD). The IDIQ contract encompasses a five-year order period stretching through December 2021, according to the company.

NRL-ESTD develops new electronic materials, devices, components, and subsystems for next-generation systems in support of customers throughout NRL, the Department of Defense, and other U.S. Government organizations. 

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