New IoT Enterprise Sensor Integration Solution Hits the Market

New IoT Enterprise Sensor Integration Solution Hits the Market

Tapestry Solutions Inc., a non-fully integrated subsidiary of Boeing, just launched an Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI) software platform focused on transforming supply chain operations and helping businesses tap the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to a company press release, Tapestry’s ESI middleware solution connects people, processes, and data on factory floors, supply chains, and across the enterprise.  By providing a standard infrastructure for data and analytics, ESI gives decision makers a complete picture of their inventory and asset movements during the production process, the company states.

ESI is based on Tapestry technology that’s already been deployed at 50 Boeing assembly plants. There, the custom technology is called the Automated Identification Technology-Information Management System (AIT-IMS). In its first year in use, AIT-IMS saved Boeing approximately $100 million through decreased assembly time, automated asset receipt/payment, enhanced inventory management, and improved quality and safety.

Learn more about this new development here.

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