Electronics Distributor to Offer Line of SMART Devices Courtesy of Rutronik

Electronics Distributor to Offer Line of SMART Devices

Courtesy of Rutronik

Semiconductor distributor Rutronik Elektronishche Bauelemente has launched its new line of RUTRONIK SMART devices. The products consist of selected sensors, wireless components, micro-controllers, power management, and safety solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. RUTRONIK SMART focuses on four different markets: lifestyle, home comfort, healthcare, and safety. In terms of smart technology, lifestyle includes wearables and other sports and fitness applications; home comfort includes automated lighting and heating control; health care covers patient monitoring; and safety regards surveillance and alarm system.

The IoT market represents one of the fastest-growing industries in the electronics supply chain. A recent report predicts the IoT and machine-to-machine communications industry to grow nearly 25% over the next five years.

Rutronik’s SMART devices are able to globally exchange and process data through mobile radio, Wi-Fi, and smartphones. The applications can also record the environment—which RURTONIK SMART does through sensors like MEMS sensors, acceleration and pressure sensors, gyroscopes, microphones, magnetometers, and sensor hubs. Additionally, the SMART devices are coordinated by a microcontroller through products from STMicroelectronics, Microchip, Rensas, and Epson. The solutions are energy-efficient and safe. The products are also completed with components including switches, cabled connectivity, special plug-in connectors, and sockets. 

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