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Digi-Key Now Offers E-A-R Products

Aearo Technologies LLC, a 3M-owned manufacturer of noise, shock, and vibration control materials, is now offering select products through Digi-Key Electronics.

According to the company, this expansion gives both design engineers and electronics hobbyists greater access to a large assortment of E-A-R materials, such as CONFOR polyurethane foams and ISODAMP thermoplastics, which are used by major electronics manufacturers across the globe.

These materials reduce the effects of unwanted noise, shock, and vibration in applications such as smartphones, laptops, drones, data centers, and headphones.

Currently, Aearo Technologies is offering 275 standard parts through Digi-Key, which include anti-vibration grommets, fan mounts, and shock absorbing foam sheets. The number of products is expected to grow through 2017 to include new materials and new standardized applications, the company says. 

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