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The Electronic Component Innovations You Might Have Missed This Summer

Summertime has come and gone, and it's back to the grind. So, what happened during vacation time? 

Well, only a spoilsport would say so, but here’s the cold reality: a lot of new components were introduced while you were building sand castles at the seashore, fishing on a lake, hiking through the mountains or visiting some remote corner of the Earth.

But worry not: even though you may have been temporarily untethered from the electronics design world, we’ve put together a brief summary of components designed for automotive, industrial and other challenging applications – all introduced in recent months while you were less than your usual attentive self. This way, you’ll be up to date and have time to get to the unenviable task of responding to unanswered email and dealing with that line of people who need your help with work.

See the summary of components in the full article

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