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Energy Semiconductor Company Signs Global Distribution Agreement

Lite-On Semiconductor’s discrete power management products will now be available to global markets following the distribution agreement with America II Electronics Inc.

In a franchise distribution agreement with discrete power management manufacturer Lite-On Semiconductor Corp., America II Electronics Inc. adds green-power related semiconductor components to its expansive portfolio. The distribution agreement will bring Lite-On’s energy-efficient power switching components to customers in the United States and others around the world. The new products are used in applications ranging from communications and information technology to consumer electronics and system power supplies.

America II currently offers one of the largest and most comprehensive inventories in the electronics industry. With over 4 billion components at its St. Petersburg, Fla., distribution facility, its portfolio spans active, passive, and electromechanical components to memory and specialty products.

With headquarters in Taiwan, and production sites in China and Taiwan, Lite-On Semiconductor is known for the design and manufacture of semiconductor components that enhance power efficiency of switching power supply. They can be found in household appliances, industrial and consumer electronics, communications, and automotive-related end applications.

“Lite-On Semiconductor is at the forefront of the mass production of next-gen power technology,” said Jed Pecchioli, Chief Operating Officer at America II Electronics. “We are excited to grow our ever expanding line card while partnering with one of the largest providers of discrete and analog integrated circuits.” 

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