A first look at Mouser39s updated IoT website Courtesy of Mouser

A first look at Mouser's updated IoT website.

Internet of Things Applications Site Gets a New Look

Mouser’s updated Internet of Things (IoT) Applications site  gives developers resources needed to learn about the latest products and most recent developments in technology. The recent update features four sections: Intelligent Devices, Intelligent Communications, Intelligent Analytics, and Featured Products.

The site contains more resources for developers interested in discovering this expanding field. Examples of potential IoT applications are wireless heart monitors to let doctors remotely monitor a patient’s health, or machine-to-machine (M2M) sensors to monitor factory equipment and provide inter-device connectivity at the same time.

The Intelligent Devices section focuses on wearables and examples of how they can be used, like in instances of remote patient monitoring. IoT devices such as pill cameras and implantable transceivers provide data that can be used when diagnosing medical conditions. Furthermore, the section examine “smart buildings” and “digital locks” which both involve controlling aspects of the home via a smartphone.

The Intelligent Communications section discusses cloud-based networks in regards to communicating by Body Area Networks (BAN) and Personal Area Networks (PAN). Cloud-based networks can communicate with these other area networks through Wi-Fi, cellular, ZigBee, NFC, or Bluetooth. This section also dives into the various layers of the IoTs and the current wireless landscape.

The Intelligent Analytics section goes through the value of information to suit a business’s needs. It includes how data is analyzed and stored, as well as a functional look at the IoT technology. The Featured Products section wraps up the site by listing key products currently available from Mouser that are beneficial to speeding up and enhancing IoT development. The section features products from Intel, Freescale, Texas Instruments, and others.


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