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Eaton and ESFI Promote Electrical Safety Awareness This Month

For the second consecutive year, Eaton and ESFI will promote electrical safety awareness through their social media campaign during National Electrical Safety Month.

National Electrical Safety Month is underway. Power management company, Eaton, along with the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), have announced its ongoing public awareness campaign. For the second consecutive year, the companies will educate the public about the dangers of counterfeit electrical products throughout this month. The purpose of the program is to inform about electrical safety and grow awareness regarding counterfeit products and the dangers they pose.

Eaton and ESFI will share electrical safety tips and facts through social media. One of their main focuses is emphasizing the dangers of counterfeit electrical products and avoiding and identifying these products. Additionally, these tips will be available in ESFI’s illustrated fact sheet. The conversation can be followed on twitter at #anticounterfeit and #NESM. Eaton and ESFI will also discuss safety and economic issues related to counterfeit electrical products at upcoming trade shows.

Supplementary resources are available at ESFI’s National Electrical Safety Month page. ESFI’s prior anti-counterfeiting efforts have included Buyer Beware, a national public awareness campaign and its DVD, “Counterfeits Can Kill.” Eaton and ESFI are committed to increasing public awareness of electrical risks through National Electrical Safety Month each May.  

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