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Arrow Electronics Pens Distribution Deal with Bosch Sensortec

Arrow Electronics, continuing its strategy to sell components and software over the entire life of connected devices, ranging from wearables to building automation systems, signed a deal to distribute Bosch Sensortec products globally.

Bosch, a subsidiary of automotive giant Robert Bosch, is the world’s largest supplier of microelectromechanical systems – more commonly known as MEMS – which are manufactured like computer chips but contain moving parts for sensing acceleration in cars or sudden inertia changes in a collision.

But in recent years, Bosch has moved into Internet of Things applications, detecting movement when someone walks into a room or creating displays that can be projected onto tabletops. It also provides software that calibrates and fuses data from multiple sensors in everything from kitchen appliances to drones to toys.

These products dovetail with Arrow’s strategy of trying to engage engineers at every stage of product development, from sourcing environmental sensors that could be used for over a decade to buying software that will sift through data uploaded to the cloud for insights. Arrow calls it a “sensor-to-sunset” approach.

“Bosch Sensortec has created an excellent portfolio that is well-positioned to address the proliferation of sensory edge intelligence within today’s and future IoT applications,” said Aiden Mitchell, Arrow’s vice president of IoT sales, in a statement.

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