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Intel’s Xeon +FPGA Chip Offers Custom-Based Solution

Intel’s Xeon +FPGA Chip Offers Custom-Based Solution

Intel will ship its first Xeon + Altera FPGA server chip in the first quarter of 2016. Once it is combined with Altera FPGA, Intel's Xeon CPU will offer a 20-times performance boost. 

Intel has already delivered custom products for some of its biggest customers, including Ebay, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. This step takes it further by offering a custom-based solution to all customers who may have an interest in using the versatile chip on their boards.

FPGA solutions are ideal for data-intensive projects since they don't consume as much energy and are less costly. Plus, FPGA can be repeatedly reprogrammed after manufacture, making them more versatile compared to ASICs. 

Read more at EarthTron blog page.

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