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Excess Electronics and Space Debris

Excess Electronics and Space Debris

Sky Tracker is a popular app that lets you identify different stars and constellations in the sky. In addition to tracking celestial objects, Sky Tracker also identifies any man-made objects in the sky, including the International Space Station, satellites, and space debris. Lots and lots of space debris.

The potential danger of this kind of debris interfering with space craft is something NASA and other space engineering agencies have been working on for years. A new satellite designed to capture and destroy space debris is in development now, and promises to take a bite out of the problem—which is not unlike the process buyers face when trying to eliminate excess inventory. Excess electronic components, in particular, are similar to space debris: They take up space, and it's a hassle to deal with. Often times, excess components are leftover stock from a previous build. You've already made the builds, and the project is complete.

Read more at distributor EarthTron LLC’s blog page.

Nadeesha Thewarapperuma is a marketing analyst at EarthTron LLC, a Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based independent distributor of electronic components. She can be reached at [email protected]

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