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Electronics Industry Readies for EDS

Electronics Industry Readies for EDS

Members of the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) will meet next month for the annual Electronics Distribution Show (EDS) in Las Vegas. This is where distributors, manufacturers, and manufacturer representatives meet to discuss industry trends, issues, and challenges in a series of one-on-one business meetings, presentations, and networking events. EDS 2015 takes place at The Mirage Las Vegas, May 12-15.

Celebrity engineer Grant Imahara will be the featured speaker at the kickoff reception for EDS next month in Las Vegas.  

This year’s agenda includes a conference booth program, industry update and overview, awards presentation, and a kickoff reception featuring guest speaker and celebrity engineer Grant Imahara. Imahara has made industry headlines recently through his new partnership with Mouser Electronics. The distributor and the engineer have begun an “Empowering Innovation Together” campaign that features a series of design challenges, beginning with a robotics challenge held earlier this year.

Imahara also announced this month that he will participate in Mouser’s Bench Talk for Engineers blog as a way to further connect with the electronics engineering community.

"I've had many fans ask me to document my various life experiences and personal thoughts—from my early engineering days, to my time on Mythbusters and Battlebots, up to what I'm working on today with Mouser Electronics,” Imahara said in a statement announcing the blog earlier this month. “So what better way to capture all these than through a blog that I can share with each of you on a regular basis."

Imahara is best known for his work on Mythbusters and Battlebots, but he is also the inventor behind many famous robotic characters, including the Star Wars prequel-era R2-D2, The Late Show’s Craig Ferguson sidekick Geoff Peterson, the talking robot, and the rhythmic arms on the modern-day Energizer Bunny.

EDS will also include its annual industry update meeting, with featured speaker Dr. Esmael Adibi, professor of economics at Chapmen University in Orange, Calif. Adibi is director of the university’s A. Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research. His presentation will focus on an economic update and outlook, according to ECIA.

For more information on EDS or to register, go to

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