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Osram Targets Intelligent Headlights with Automotive Supplier Continental

Osram plans to start a lighting company with automotive supplier Continental to sell products for headlamps and tail lights that can be dimmed, brightened, and aimed using intelligent software.

To consummate the deal, Osram will transfer its automotive solid-state lighting module business to the new firm, while Continental will divest its lighting control business, which sells software that can adjust the brightness of lights based on weather information, the time of day, and the curvature of the road. The firm plans to start operations before the end of next year.

“This will allow us to drive forward new intelligent light functions, such as the combination of lighting and sensor technology in a module or light-based communication between the driver, other road users, and vehicle surroundings,” said Hans Joachim Schwabe, chief executive of Osram's specialty lighting business unit, in a statement.

The new company, which will be called Osram Continental GmbH, aims to reap annual revenues of around $500 million per year with 1,500 employees. Osram's chief executive Dirk Linzmeier and Continental's chief financial officer Harald Renner will serve as managing directors of the new business. Both companies will split profits down the middle.

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